ZZ Adventures in the Savage North

Episode 3: Descent into the Depths of the Well
June 18, the Feast of Leontius, Hypatius and Theodulus


The subterranean passageways led deeper into the earth, culminating in some kind of prehistoric limestone shrine where the party fought the mother-serpent, a Lernean hydra which grew new heads whenever it took grievous wounds. Thanks to Grimscur’s quick thinking (and how often do you want to depend on that?) they were able to halt the regeneration through the judicious use of acid.

After slaying the serpent, a thorough exploration of the shrine revealed a golden idol of some reptilian god and the bones of dwarves. The bones were quite old, possibly predating hydra’s time in the well, though they had been chewed and partially digested by something. In addition to a sizable sum of dwarven coins and some rusty and unserviceable weaponry, a mysterious dwarven artifact was also found.

XP Totals

  • Aerathan Leithas: 6
  • Baelon Isith: 6
  • Grimscur: 4
  • Jehanne: 5
  • Lempi: 5
Episode 2: Serpents in the Well
June 18, the Feast of Leontius, Hypatius and Theodulus


At the invitation of Artorius Lambeck, Sir Baelon and his companions traveled to Lambton to root out a nest of serpents within an abandoned well. They arrived not long after noon and joined Lambeck for a light repast before undertaking their labor. After descending into the well they discovered a brood of juvenile serpents nesting within a secret chamber, and a doorway leading deeper into the darkness.

XP Totals

  • Aerathan Leithas: 4
  • Baelon Isith: 4
  • Grimscur: 2
  • Jehanne: 3
  • Lempi: 3
Episode 1: Beating the Devil
June 18, the Feast of Leontius, Hypatius and Theodulus


After driving off the devil that had come to claim Walder Grayham’s soul, the night was blessedly peaceful. Despite his wounds it looked like the old innkeeper would live, and in the quiet of the night the rest of you were able to find some sleep while Jehanne kept vigil over him. By dawn, when the first brave scullion dared to climb down the stairs, he was awake again. In great pain, but awake. Not for long, though. The servants relieved Jehanne of her watch and carried the innkeeper up to his bed.

The inn was in a shambles, with furniture broken or scattered, and great gouges in the floorboards and the walls from the claws of the hellhounds. Black soot covered the fireplace and everything reeked of brimstone. The scullions and stableboys set to work repairing what they could and cleaning up the blood and the greasy, sulfurous ash that the hellhounds left behind. Meanwhile they cook swept up the broken glass and crockery in the kitchen, then began cooking massive amounts of food that soon overpowered the demonic reek with wholesome, savory smells.

XP Totals

  • Aerathan Leithas: 3
  • Baelon Isith: 3
  • Grimscur: 2
  • Jehanne: 2
  • Lempi: 2
Prelude: Grayham Inn
June 17th, the Feast of St. Botulf

Tavern scene woodcut1

Though the sun shone bright this afternoon, evening brought the lowering clouds, and soon the sky spat rain upon the hapless traveler. The shadows began to gather at the edges of the wood long before the sun sank beyond the west, and the wise traveler sought for shelter. For some, upon the great road that ran from Marburg to Armigen, this shelter was the Grayham Inn. The stout stone walls and half-timbered upper story were a welcome sight for many a traveler, even on dark days like these.


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