ZZ Adventures in the Savage North

Episode 2: Serpents in the Well

June 18, the Feast of Leontius, Hypatius and Theodulus


At the invitation of Artorius Lambeck, Sir Baelon and his companions traveled to Lambton to root out a nest of serpents within an abandoned well. They arrived not long after noon and joined Lambeck for a light repast before undertaking their labor. After descending into the well they discovered a brood of juvenile serpents nesting within a secret chamber, and a doorway leading deeper into the darkness.

XP Totals

  • Aerathan Leithas: 4
  • Baelon Isith: 4
  • Grimscur: 2
  • Jehanne: 3
  • Lempi: 3


Azhmodai Azhmodai

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