ZZ Adventures in the Savage North

Episode 3: Descent into the Depths of the Well

June 18, the Feast of Leontius, Hypatius and Theodulus


The subterranean passageways led deeper into the earth, culminating in some kind of prehistoric limestone shrine where the party fought the mother-serpent, a Lernean hydra which grew new heads whenever it took grievous wounds. Thanks to Grimscur’s quick thinking (and how often do you want to depend on that?) they were able to halt the regeneration through the judicious use of acid.

After slaying the serpent, a thorough exploration of the shrine revealed a golden idol of some reptilian god and the bones of dwarves. The bones were quite old, possibly predating hydra’s time in the well, though they had been chewed and partially digested by something. In addition to a sizable sum of dwarven coins and some rusty and unserviceable weaponry, a mysterious dwarven artifact was also found.

XP Totals

  • Aerathan Leithas: 6
  • Baelon Isith: 6
  • Grimscur: 4
  • Jehanne: 5
  • Lempi: 5


Azhmodai Azhmodai

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